Budget Videos

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2020 Summary Video(1m34s)

Resilience Budget Summary Video (01m30s)

A summary of the key measures announced at the supplementary Resilience Budget.

Saving Jobs, Supporting Workers, Protecting Livelihoods (09m43s)

Our immediate priority is to save jobs, support our workers, and protect livelihoods.

Care and Support for our households (05m26s)

Help for all Singaporeans with their household expenses during this period of uncertainty.

Supporting our Businesses (7m36s)

Helping businesses overcome near-term challenges while continuing to build capabilities

Emerging stronger (1m09s)

We will build resilience in our economy and society, as we battle this downturn, and build capabilities for when the eventual recovery comes.

群策群力,共创未来 (2m09s)

面对2019冠状病毒和瞬息万变的局势,我们要继续秉持 “群策群力,共创未来”的精神,把这次的危机化为转机,越战越勇

Our response to the COVID-19 threat (5m04s)

COVID-19 is a defining challenge for us. As the situation continues to evolve in dynamic and unpredictable ways, we will stand with Singaporeans to battle this crisis together and emerge even stronger.

Full Supplementary Budget 2020 Speech (1h19m52s)

The Resilience Budget focuses on three key areas:

  1. Save jobs, support workers and protect livelihoods
  2. Help enterprises overcome immediate challenges
  3. Strengthen economic and social resilience, and prepare us to emerge stronger