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Full Budget Debate Round-up Speech on 15 Oct 2020 (01h00m04s)

Supporting Our Businesses (03m26s)

Our schemes and programmes have dampened the economic impact of COVID-19. We will be pivoting towards more calibrated sector and firm-specific support.

Supporting Our Workers (03m11s)

We are fully committed on supporting workers who are at higher risk of income loss or who face difficulties finding a job during this period.

Remaking Singapore into a Global-Asia Node for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise (02m22s)

Increased regionalisation, digitalisation and innovation have improved our productivity. We will continue to invest in our people to ensure that they stay well-educated, well-trained and well-skilled.

Caring for Our Households, and for One Another (04m14s)

To alleviate the impact brought about by COVID-19, we disbursed an unprecedented $6.1 billion of household transfers this year. We must continue to support those who need more help, and uphold the SG Together spirit.

Strengthening Our Fiscal Toolkit (02m25s)

Our fiscal position will be tighter in the coming years. We are making the responsible decision today to study how we can strengthen our fiscal toolkit, so as to hand over to our future generations an endowment and not a burden.

An Open and Vibrant City, a United and Resilient Nation (02m37s)

To continue thriving, we have to stay open as a global city yet close-knit as one people and one nation.

Full Budget Debate Round-up Speech on 15 Oct 2020 (01h00m04s)

The round-up speech summarises the efforts in helping our firms and workers, and the plans for our longer-term nation-building agenda.

Ministerial Statement on 5 Oct 2020 (01m24s)

The COVID-19 situation in Singapore has stabilised, with large parts of the economy resuming operations. We will continue to plan ahead for our longer-term economic recovery and emerge stronger.

Preserving Core Capabilities Supporting Growing Business (04m19s)

We will help businesses preserve core capabilities and continue to provide strong support to businesses that are growing. As the economy recovers, we will shift our approach while making sure that support does not taper off too sharply.

Supporting Our Workers (02m24s)

Ultimately, our support for firms is to benefit our workers. We will help viable firms tide over and emerge stronger, thereby preserving and generating good jobs for our workers.

Supporting Our Households (01m19s)

We will continue to support households with their expenses. For aspiring parents, we will provide a one-off additional support to support their parenthood journey.

Our Roadmap For The Future (02m54s)

We will deliver a refreshed economic strategy for a post-COVID world, with emphasis on (a) remaking Singapore as a Global-Asia node, (b) fostering inclusive growth, and (c) investing in economic resilience and sustainability.

Rebuilding And Growing Our Physical Connectivity (02m34s)

We must deepen and broaden links to build up Singapore’s role at the heart of Asia’s growth. To do so, we will rebuild and grow our physical connectivity – in travel and trade.

Enhancing And Expanding Our Digital Connectivity (01m11s)

We will strengthen Singapore’s digital connectivity, thereby opening up new markets and opportunities for our businesses.

Enhancing Our Value Through Technology, Innovation, And Enterprise (01m37s)

We must continue to build on Singapore’s strengths, and position Singapore as a Global-Asia node of technology, innovation, and enterprise.

Investing In Economic Resilience And Sustainability (02m22s)

We must improve our economic resilience to reduce our vulnerabilities and enable us to bounce back during crises. We will also invest in environmental sustainability, a key aspect of building our economy’s resilience.

Emerging Stronger Together (00m41s)

In this crisis of a generation, we have stood in solidarity with one another. In the face of uncertainty and adversity, we showed resilience. Let us continue to chart the course through this crisis and beyond, with fortitude and unity.

Full Ministerial Statement on 5 October 2020 (01h08m40s)

The Ministerial Statement provides an update on our response to COVID-19, and our plans for the longer-term economic recovery.

王瑞杰部长声明 (2020年10月5日) (06m00s)


SingapoRediscovers (00m51s)

A summary of the SingapoRediscover Vouchers initiative announced in the August Ministerial Statement.

Support for Workers (01m45s)

A summary of support measures for workers announced in the August and October Ministerial Statements.

Support for Businesses (01m37s)

A summary of support measures for businesses announced in the August and October Ministerial Statements.

Fifth COVID Support Package: Supporting businesses and creating jobs (01m05s)

Find out how the Government is providing additional assistance to support businesses and transform Singapore’s economy, so as to create more job opportunities for a post-COVID-19 world.

Visit gov.sg to learn more. #SGUnited

Fifth COVID Support Package: Supporting workers and saving livelihoods (01m30s)

To save livelihoods, the Government will continue to support workers and create new opportunities. No one will be left to walk alone.

Learn more about the new measures introduced to help you @ go.gov.sg/jobssupport

Summary Video of Ministerial Statement on 17 Aug (01m23s)

A summary of key support measures announced under the Ministerial Statement on 17 Aug 2020.

Ministerial Statement on 17 Aug 2020 (01m32s)

While the situation remains under control as a result of the measures we have introduced, we must continue to adapt to provide continued support for workers and jobs, further support hardest-hit sectors, and position ourselves to seize growth opportunities in a post-COVID-19 world.

Protecting jobs (03m29s)

Businesses will receive extended wage support to help them retain as many workers as possible.

Creating job opportunities and supporting workers (02m56s)

We will support hiring in growing areas and protect every worker as the crisis progresses.

Preserving core capabilities (02m55s)

Further support will be provided for hardest-hit sectors, to retain core capabilities and position them for an eventual recovery.

Transforming our economy for a post-COVID-19 world (0m57s)

We will continue to transform our economy to prepare our workers and businesses for the post-COVID-19 world.

One people with extraordinary courage, commitment, and can-do spirit (01m10s)

We have the fortitude, resilience, and will stand in solidarity as one united Singapore.

Full Ministerial Statement on 17 Aug 2020 (24m09s)

The Ministerial Statement provides an update on the measures as the COVID-19 situation progresses. The announced measures aim to:

  1. Provide continued support for workers and jobs;
  2. Provide further support for hardest-hit sectors; and
  3. Position ourselves to seize growth opportunities in a post COVID-19 world.