Budget Speech


Table of Contents

A. Responding To Challenges In A New Decade

Economic Outlook

Dealing with the Immediate Challenges

Stabilising and Supporting our Economy in the Near-Term

Maintaining Sound Finances to Respond to Uncertainties

Navigating Long-Term Structural Shifts

Advancing as One Singapore

B. Growing Our Economy, Creating Opportunities For Our People

Singapore as a Global-Asia Node of Technology, Innovation, and Enterprise

Enabling Stronger Partnerships

Deepening Enterprise Capabilities

Developing Our People


C. Caring For Singaporeans, Building An Inclusive Home

Supporting Families

Enabling Seniors

Strengthening the Giving Culture


D. Sustaining Singapore’s Success For Our Future Generations

Addressing Climate Change

Securing Our Home

A Fiscally Sustainable Singapore

Budget Position

E. Partnering Singaporeans To Build Singapore Together

F. Conclusion


Annex A-1: Stabilisation And Support Package (pdf685kb)

Annex B-1: Enabling Stronger Partnerships And Deepening Enterprise Capabilities (pdf146kb)

Annex B-2: Developing Our People (pdf300kb)

Annex B-3: Senior Worker Support Package (pdf137kb)

Annex B-4: Examples For Budget 2020 Speech (pdf124kb)

Annex C-1: Care And Support Package (pdf171kb)

Annex C-2: Basic Retirement Sums For CPF Members Reaching Age 55 In 2021 And 2022 (pdf70kb)

Annex C-3: Enhancements To The Silver Support Scheme (pdf106kb)

Annex C-4: Illustration Of Enhancements To Retirement Schemes (pdf196kb)

Annex C-5: Partnering Singaporeans To Build Our Singapore Together (pdf129kb)

Annex D-1: Tax Changes (pdf360kb)

Annex D-2: Fiscal Position In FY2020 (pdf102kb)