Budget Videos

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2020 Summary Video(1m34s)

2020 Summary Video (1m34s)

Watch on for a summary of key Budget 2020 measures.

Budget Measure Highlights (Families) (0m50s)

Learn more about how families can benefit from this year's Budget.

Budget Measure Highlights (Seniors) (0m37s)

Learn more about how seniors can benefit from this year's Budget.

Budget Measure Highlights (Workers) (0m41s)

Learn more about how workers can benefit from this year's Budget.

Dealing with the Immediate Challenges (2m21s)

Responding to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak: Protecting our families and supporting our businesses.

Maintaining Sound Finances to Respond to Uncertainties (3m15s)

GST rate increase will not take effect in 2021; Assurance Package will be provided when the GST rate is raised.

Budget 2020 is for our people (1m57s)

Overall view of Budget 2020: Grow our economy, Nurture every Singaporean, Secure our nation, and Mobilise Singaporeans to work together.

Growing Our Economy, Creating Opportunities for our People (2m21s)

Supporting the growth of companies through enabling stronger partnerships, deepening enterprise capabilities and developing our people.

Investing in education (4m24s)

Preparing our children through education to maximise each child’s potential, regardless of family circumstances.

Care and support for our households (5m26s)

Help for all Singaporeans with their household expenses during this period of uncertainty.

Enabling Our Seniors (2m56s)

Financial assurance for our seniors to live a life of purpose, dignity and contribution.

Sustaining Singapore’s Success for our Future Generations (1m57s)

Addressing climate change to build a liveable and sustainable future for Singaporeans.

Singapore Together: Working to find solutions together (2m20s)

Identifying challenges that matter and finding solutions together through collaborations and partnerships.

Working together to build a nation and home we will always call our own (1m7s)


Conclusion: Together as one Singapore (2m23s)

Budget 2020 is about dealing with current challenges and working together for Singapore to remain exceptional for years to come.

Full Budget 2020 Speech (2h15m54s)

Budget 2020 is about helping Singaporeans deal with near-term challenges, and to thrive in the new decade.

  1. We will help viable enterprises, and retain and retrain our workers.
  2. We will support plans to position Singapore as the Global-Asia node of technology, innovation and enterprise.
  3. We will support our households and ease concerns over cost of living, in addition to structural social subsidies.
  4. We will continue to take steps towards climate change mitigation and adaptation, for a safe and liveable Singapore.