Budget Videos
What will tomorrow be like?(1m0s)

What will tomorrow be like? English (1m0s) Malay (1m0s) Tamil (1m0s) Mandarin (1m0s)
  • A promising start
  • Peace of mind
  • Travel with ease
  • Savouring happiness
  • Stronger social support
  • Enhanced education and career support
  • Better, more affordable healthcare
  • Improved transport systems

Watch the video to find out how these aspirations could be possible. #ABrighterFuture

REACH-MOF Pre-Budget 2019 Dialogue (2m04s)

REACH, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, held a Pre-Budget 2019 dialogue on Thu 6 Dec 2018. Close to 100 participants provided views and suggestions for the coming Budget, focusing on the broad themes of innovation, security and external relations, ageing, healthcare, support for families, and philanthropy and volunteerism.

This dialogue was chaired by the Minister in Prime Minister’s Office, 2nd Minister for Finance and Education, Ms Indranee Rajah and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Social and Family Development, and REACH Chairman, Mr Sam Tan.

Budget 2019: How can we plan ahead to build a better future for Singapore? (0m31s)

In preparation for Budget 2019, the Ministry of Finance has launched a public feedback exercise. Let us hear your thoughts and suggestions via the REACH website!

Budget 2019: Planning for the Future with the Singapore Budget (02m34s)

What are our considerations when planning for our future? Why is fiscal sustainability important? Watch this video to find out more!

Budget 2019: The National Budget Process (01m14s)

How does the Government plan its revenue and spending each year? How are finite resources to be allocated? Watch this video to find out how Singapore’s Budget is determined every year and share it with your family and friends too!

Last updated on 23 Jan 2019