Budget Speech


  1. Mr Speaker, Sir, I will now conclude.
    1. First, I would like to thank the many Singaporeans, as well as businesses, unions, charities, and community organisations, who have provided your feedback and ideas.
    2. Also, special thanks to the talented students from Nanyang Polytechnic for the beautiful sketches that you see in my slides today.
  2. We commemorate 2019, our bicentennial year, to learn from our past, in order to chart our future. We will have many opportunities to reflect and share in the coming months and years, but three lessons stand out for me and my colleagues:
    1. First, for as long as we stay relevant and useful, Singapore and Singaporeans will have our place in the world. We must develop deep capabilities, stay open and connected, and draw ideas and talents from around the globe. Singaporean talents have been making their mark in various fields, and connecting with other highly skilled individuals from around the world will make our team even stronger.
    2. Second, external events around us will shape and re-shape our lives. Our people have shown time and again that we can take the long view, adapt with the times, and thrive.
    3. Third, we draw strength from our diversity, by focusing on what we have in common. In the earlier years, our forefathers clustered around ethnic and religious groups to support one another. Today, Singaporeans support one another, regardless of race, language, or religion.
  3. Budget 2019 draws on these key lessons. We build on our multi-cultural heritage, to foster a caring and inclusive society. We continue to nurture our young and develop our people on a lifelong basis. We seek to take better care of our seniors, so that they can stay active and healthy.
  4. We will partner businesses and workers to transform our economy. We welcome the best MNCs and SMEs from around the world, and help our start-ups and SMEs to grow, scale, and internationalise. We will help our workers deepen their capabilities and seek new opportunities. To catch the wave of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we are positioning Singapore as a Global-Asia node of technology, innovation and enterprise.
  5. The changes ahead will be faster and deeper. Budget 2019 highlights the key challenges we are facing, and how we are preparing to ride on the changes, to turn challenges into opportunities, for Singaporeans and for our partners in the global community.
  6. We are investing to keep Singapore safe and secure. We are restructuring our economy to enable our businesses and workers to thrive. We are building a more caring and inclusive society, and we are building Singapore as a global city and a home for all.
  7. Even as we invest more, Budget 2019 maintains our fiscal discipline. Our institution of the Elected President, and the Council of Presidential Advisors, ensure that the Government of the day does not squander the reserves our forefathers have left for us. The Government will ensure that we abide by this. We must not only take care of this generation, but our children and their children. It is a core value we must uphold.
  8. Budget 2019 lays out this Government’s approach to build a strong, united Singapore. We nurture our young, take care of our seniors, expand opportunities for our people to be at their best, and to live in a liveable, endearing home, secure and globally connected.
  9. Together, in close partnership with all, in our public, people, and private sectors, we can, and will, continue to take Singapore forward.
  10. Mr Speaker, Sir, I beg to move.