Bicentennial Commemoration

Budget 2019 includes two initiatives to commemorate our bicentennial year:

  1. A $200 million Bicentennial Community Fund (BCF) to encourage the spirit of giving back; and
  2. A $1.1 billion Bicentennial Bonus to be shared with Singaporeans.

(A) Bicentennial Community Fund

To encourage more Singaporeans to give back and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs) to reach out to more donors, the Government will set aside a budget of $200 million for the BCF. The BCF will provide dollar-for-dollar matching for donations garnered by IPCs in FY2019.1 The amount matched for each IPC will be capped to ensure that more IPCs can benefit from the BCF.

(B) Bicentennial Bonus

GST Voucher – Cash (Bicentennial Payment) & Workfare Bicentennial Bonus

Lower-income Singaporeans will receive additional payments from the GST Voucher (GSTV) and Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) schemes in end 2019 to help them with their daily living expenses.

  • Up to $300 in GSTV – Cash (Bicentennial Payment) (see Table 1). This will benefit about 1.4 million Singaporeans.
  • Workfare Bicentennial Bonus at 10% of the total annual payment received under WIS for Work Year 2018, with a minimum payment of $100 (see Table 2).

These additional payments will cost about $500 million.

Table 1: GST Voucher – Cash (Bicentennial Payment)

Assessable Income for Year of Assessment 2018 up to $28,000
Annual Value of Home as at 31 Dec 2018
Up to $13,000
More than $13,000 and up to $21,000
Aged 21 and above in 2019
Note: The other eligibility criteria for GST Voucher – Cash also apply to GST Voucher – Cash (Bicentennial Payment).

Table 2: Workfare Bicentennial Bonus

Age in 2018
10% of the Total Annual WIS payment for Work Year 2018
Self-Employed Persons
35 to 44
Between $100 and $150
45 to 54
Between $100 and $220
Between $100 and $147
55 to 59
Between $100 and $290
Between $100 and $194
60 and above
Between $100 and $360
Between $100 and $240
  1. The Workfare Bicentennial Bonus for self-employed persons is at two-thirds of the amount for employees.
  2. Persons with disabilities below age 35 in 2018 and meet the WIS eligibility criteria will also receive between $100 and $150 based on work done in 2018.

Personal Income Tax Rebate

A Personal Income Tax Rebate of 50% of tax payable will be granted to all tax resident individuals for the Year of Assessment 2019 (i.e. for income earned in 2018). The rebate will be capped at $200 per taxpayer. This is estimated to cost about $280 million.

Top-up to Edusave Accounts and Post-Secondary Education Accounts

In 2019, the Government will provide younger Singaporeans with additional support for their education. There will be a one-off top-up to their Edusave accounts or Post-Secondary Education Accounts (PSEA), depending on their age. The top-up to the Edusave accounts is in addition to the annual Edusave contributions that the Government makes.

The top-ups are expected to be made by mid-2019. This is estimated to cost about $140 million and benefit about 570,000 students.

Table 3: Edusave and PSEA Top-ups for Singaporeans aged 7 to 20

Age in 2019
Account Receiving Top-up
Annual Value of Home as at 31 Dec 2018
Up to $13,000
More than $13,000
7 to 16
17 to 20

CPF Top-up

The Government will make a one-off top-up to the CPF Special or Retirement Account of lower-income Singaporeans with low CPF balances to help them build up their CPF savings.

This top-up is estimated to cost about $230 million and benefit about 300,000 citizens, the majority of whom will be females.

Table 4: CPF Top-up

Age in 20191
Combined CPF Ordinary and Special Account2 or
Retirement Account3 Balance as at 31 Dec 2018
Up to $30,000
More than $30,000 and less than $60,000
50 to 54
55 to 64
  1. Eligibility criteria:
    1. Assessable Income for Year of Assessment 2018 not more than $28,000
    2. Annual Value of home as at 31 Dec 2018 not more than $21,000
    3. Do not own more than one property
  2. For CPF members aged 50 to 55 in 2019 
  3. For CPF members aged 56 to 64 in 2019


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Workfare Bicentennial Bonus Email:
Hotline: 1800-227-1188
Personal Income Tax Rebate Email:
Hotline: 1800-356-8300
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1The dollar-for-dollar matching will be for donations raised by IPCs between 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2020. Donations to IPCs will draw on existing matching grants where applicable, before the BCF.