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Singapore Budget 2018 Logo

Logo Design Write-up

The warm shade of salmon pink represents our pursuit of a caring and inclusive society, where Singaporeans are free to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

The four hearts come together to form the logo that symbolises a united Singapore, undivided by our differences and bonded by a common determination to overcome challenges ahead. The family at the centre reminds us that our families and friends will always be at the heart of what we do, no matter how far we progress as a nation.

*The Budget 2018 logo is an adaptation of the previous logo designed in 2016 by Mr Toh Ping Huang, a student from Singapore Polytechnic.

Designer:              Mr Toh Ping Huang, Singapore Polytechnic
Supervisors:          Mr Yanzo Pang (Singapore Polytechnic) & Mr Jovan Peh (Singapore Polytechnic)
Supported by:        Ministry of Communications and Information

About the Designer

Singapore Budget 2017 Logo“I have always been fascinated by images, and how we could communicate complex ideas, thoughts and stories through a simple image. I believe that everyone has their own stories and experience, and I hope to help them express their stories as a brand designer after my national service.

Through this project, I was able to learn more about the national budget and what it actually meant for Singapore. The national budget goes beyond just numbers and figures, but plays an important role in building our nation. It also makes me ponder on the possibilities of our future and how we want to progress as a society.”

      - Toh Ping Huang, Singapore Polytechnic

          (photo courtesy of Kenric Tan)

Last updated on 04 Dec 2017