Budget Videos
Budget 2017: Summary of Budget Measures (18m08s)

Budget 2017: How Feedback Is Collected For The Budget (02m04s)

The Budget 2017 Feedback Exercise has closed. Find out how the Government reached out to Singaporeans through various different ways from physical listening points to online channels to collate information and understand the issues of concern to Singaporeans. The collated views are being considered as the Government finalises the plans for this year’s Budget.

Pre-Budget 2017 Conversation (01m55s)

Over the past five weeks, we’ve heard a wide range of views from Singaporeans on what they hope to see in Budget 2017. They discussed various issues, such as how best to boost the economy, advance Singapore on the global stage, develop our skills, and care for Singaporeans through all stages of life.

Budget 2017: How Can Singapore Stay Ahead In Today’s Fast-Changing World? (01m52s)

In preparation for Budget 2017, the Ministry of Finance has launched a public feedback exercise. Share your views and suggestions on the Singapore Budget and REACH websites.

Budget 2017: The National Budget Process (01m15s)

How does the Government plan its revenue and spending each year? How are finite resources to be allocated? Watch this video to find out how Singapore’s budget is determined every year and share it with your family and friends too!

Budget 2017: Moving Forward Together (1h22m18s)

For Budget 2017, we take decisive action to re-position ourselves for the future by developing strong capabilities in our firms and workers, and forging deep partnerships in our economy. The Budget also strengthens community bonds and partnerships between the Government, community organisations, and individuals, to build a better society together.

Budget 2017: Moving Forward Together, Amidst Change (03m50s)

This year’s Budget continues with our nation’s efforts to build a strong and united society for a better future in the midst of deep shifts around the world. Through effective allocation of resources, we will achieve economic and societal progress and ensure sustainability for the future generations to thrive.

Budget 2017: The Future Economy - Building Agility through Capabilities and Partnership (02m29s)

What does it take for us to build our future economy?

Budget 2017: Quality Living Environment for our Future (02m41s)

What does it take to build a vibrant and well-connected city that is sustainable for all Singaporeans in the future?

Budget 2017: A Caring and Inclusive Society (01m15s)

Budget 2017 continues to help families, support needy Singaporeans and strengthen community partnerships as we build an inclusive and caring society.

Budget 2017: A Sustainable Fiscal System for the Future (02m27s)

Budget 2017 is an investment in economic transformation and social resilience. We will continue funding essential areas e.g. healthcare and infrastructure, to lay the foundation for the future.

Budget 2017: Conclusion: Charting our Path Forward (03m49s)

Looking ahead into our collective future, we, as a nation, will chart our path forward together. Let us build strong partnerships in our economy and society, and tap on one another’s strengths for our nation’s progress.

Budget 2017: Helping Firms Manage Transition (07m09s)

Businesses will continue to benefit from near-term support measures aimed at helping them deal with their current economic concerns.

Budget 2017: Strengthening Capabilities in Our Enterprises (06m46s)

This Budget focuses on strengthening capabilities of enterprises through the adoption of digital solutions, use of innovation and technology, as well as support for SMEs to scale up globally.

Budget 2017: Deepening our People’s Capabilities (02m00s)

As our economy evolves, it is key for our workers to continue acquiring, deepening and applying their skills. Budget 2017 will strengthen support for working Singaporeans and make training more accessible.

Budget 2017: Restructuring Diesel Tax (01m34s)

Diesel taxes will be restructured to incentivise users to reduce consumption and adopt more energy efficient vehicles.

Budget 2017: Water Price Changes (04m05s)

To encourage water conservation and strengthen the resilience of water supply, water prices will be updated to reflect the latest cost of water production and transmission. Household support measures will be provided to offset some of these price changes.

Budget 2017: Supporting Families with Living Expenses (02m37s)

Households will benefit from support measures targeted to assist them in coping with their living expenses.

Budget 2017: Building an Inclusive Society (03m39s)

For an all-inclusive society, Budget 2017 continues to integrate persons with disabilities and mental health conditions at both the workplace and in the wider society.

Budget 2017: Strengthening of Community Bonds (03m20s)

This Budget aims to strengthen community bonds, to address the increasing importance of human connection as a result of our growing needs.

Budget 2017: Round-up Speech (01h03m07s)

In this Budget, we set our minds to seize opportunities to succeed, to play a part in a caring and inclusive community, and to build, protect, and pass on a truly special home to future generations. I am confident we can do it. We have been through tougher situations. Each time, despite the naysayers, we emerged stronger and more adaptive, as we held strong together as one people.

Budget 2017 Round-up Speech: Meeting Change Head-On English (05m49s) Mandarin (01m40s)

Budget 2017 continues to help businesses build up their competitive strengths with targeted support to meet the different challenges faced by firms in the current climate.

Budget 2017 Round-up Speech: A Spirit of Enterprise in our Economy (05m23s)

Budget 2017 encourages the formation of effective partnerships and the spirit of enterprise among our people and businesses, for us to take our own future into our hands.

Budget 2017 Round-up Speech: Valuing our Resources (01m17s)

Budget 2017 seeks to secure a better living environment for Singaporeans from all backgrounds to enjoy a lush city scape to work, live and play in.

Budget 2017 Round-up Speech : A Caring and Inclusive Society (06m43s)

A strong society with close collaboration among individuals, communities and government is key to a vibrant, caring and resilient society.

Budget 2017 Round-up Speech: Addressing the Key Challenges to Singapore’s Fiscal Sustainability (09m30s)

Budget 2017 plans for long term financial sustainability to ensure that we continue to have the capacity to invest in critical programmes and infrastructure, in a way that is equitable to both current and future generations.

Budget 2017 Round-up Speech : Conclusion: Charting Forward for a Better Singapore (02m00s)

Budget 2017 sets out strategies for building a better Singapore in a sustainable way through the development of deep capabilities, strengthening of enterprising spirit, working together in partnership while caring for and supporting one another.

Budget 2017: Building the Future Economy for All English (02m05s) Mandarin (02m10s) Malay (02m25s) Tamil (02m15s)

Budget 2017 will continue to provide support for businesses and workers to build capabilities and forge partnerships.

Budget 2017: Supporting our Families English (02m00s) Mandarin (02m05s) Malay (02m25s) Tamil (02m10s)

Budget 2017 will provide more support for Singapore families.

Budget 2017: Growing a Caring and Active Community English (01m55s) Mandarin (01m55s) Malay (02m15s) Tamil (02m00s)

Budget 2017 takes further steps in supporting those with greater needs.

Budget 2017: Summary of Budget Measures English (18m08s) Mandarin (20m40s) Malay (24m37s) Tamil (24m07s)

Budget 2017 will build a globally competitive economy and a caring and inclusive society. It also aims to better protect our environment to ensure our loved ones and future generations will have a good quality of life.

Last updated on 21 Mar 2017