Annex To The Expenditure Estimates


Head A

Civil List for the President of the Republic of Singapore (pdf 16kb)

Head B

Attorney-General’s Chambers (pdf 25kb)

Head C

Auditor-General’s Office (pdf 36kb)

Head D

Cabinet Office (pdf 17kb)

Head E

Judicature (pdf 24kb)

Head F

Parliament (pdf 24kb)

Head G

Presidential Councils (pdf 27kb)

Head H

Public Service Commission (pdf 15kb)

Head I

Ministry of Social and Family Development (pdf 160kb)

Head J

Ministry of Defence (pdf 23kb)

Head K

Ministry of Education (pdf 244kb)

Head L

Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources (pdf 41kb)

Head M

Ministry of Finance (pdf 82kb)

Head N

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (pdf 23kb)

Head O

Ministry of Health (pdf 49kb)

Head P

Ministry of Home Affairs (pdf 101kb)

Head Q

Ministry of Communications and Information (pdf 82kb)

Head R

Ministry of Law (pdf 100kb)

Head S

Ministry of Manpower (pdf 65kb)

Head T

Ministry of National Development (pdf 83kb)

Head U

Prime Minister’s Office (pdf 136kb)

Head V

Ministry of Trade and Industry (pdf 117kb)

Head W

Ministry of Transport (pdf 43kb)

Head X

Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (pdf 154kb)

Head Z

Financial Transfers (pdf 21kb)

Last updated on 20 Feb 2017