Budget Speech

Partnering for the Future

Table of Contents

A. The Future Beyond SG50: New World, New Challenges

We Have Come a Long Way

We Face New Challenges

A Spirit of Partnership for our New Chapter

B. Transforming our Economy through Enterprise and Innovation

Growing Singapore Together

Addressing Near-Term Concerns

Industry Transformation Programme

Supporting Our People through Change

C. Building a Caring and Resilient Society

Building on Strong Foundations

Caring for Our Young

Caring for Our Low Wage Workers and Persons with Disabilities

Caring for our Seniors

Other Measures Affecting Households

Building a Caring Society

D. Budget Position

FY 2015 Fiscal Position

FY 2016 Fiscal Position

E. Conclusion


Annex A-1: Extension Of The Special Employment Credit (SEC)  (pdf90kb)

Annex A-2: Enhancements To Support Enterprises And Industries  (pdf153kb)

Annex A-3: Changes To Foreign Worker Levies  (pdf185kb)

Annex A-4: Tax Changes  (pdf365kb)

Annex B-1: Marriage & Parenthood Support Measures In Budget 2016  (pdf307kb)

Annex B-2: Enhancements To Workfare  (pdf91kb)

Annex B-3: Silver Support Scheme  (pdf164kb)

Annex B-4: Transfers To Households  (pdf141kb)

Annex B-5: Measures To Support Philanthropy  (pdf324kb)

Annex C: Fiscal Position In FY2016  (pdf124kb)

Last updated on 24 Mar 2016
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