Budget Measures


Budget in Brief
This page contains a selection of documents on Budget 2016, where you will be able to find out more about the various measures announced during the Budget. You can also visit here to read the full speech or here to watch the Budget videos.
  • Budget in Brief
    • English [pdf version] (pdf 4679kb)
    • Mandarin [pdf version] (pdf 1396kb)
    • Malay [pdf version] (pdf 854kb)
  • Budget Summary [pdf version] (pdf 128kb)
  • Budget Summary Slides
    • English [pdf version] (pdf 2964kb)
    • Mandarin [pdf version] (pdf 3166kb)
    • Malay [pdf version] (pdf 3006kb)
    • Tamil [pdf version] (pdf 3131kb)
  • Measures for Businesses (pdf 170kb)
  • Measures for Households (pdf 260kb)




Last updated on 01 Jun 2016
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