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Helping Singaporeans cope with The Economic Downturn
Budget Speech 2009
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» Budget Debate - Round-Up Speech

Budget Debate Round-Up Speech (pdf 165kb)
• Slides on Budget Debate Round-Up Speech (pdf 1.06mb)

» Budget Speech

Budget Speech 2009 (pdf 373kb, word 284kb)
  • Annex A (pdf 25kb, word 42kb)
  • Annex B (pdf 50kb, word 132kb)
  • Annex C1 (pdf 48kb, word 132kb)
  • Annex C2 (pdf 25kb, word 44kb)
  • Annex D (pdf 15kb, word 56kb)
  • Annex E (pdf 74kb, word 123kb)
Key Budget Initiatives
• Jobs for Singaporeans (pdf 23kb, word 46kb)
• Stimulating Bank Lending (pdf 36kb, word 68kb)
• Enhancing Business Cashflow and Competitiveness (pdf 38kb, word 74kb)
• Supporting Families (pdf 35kb, word 101kb)
• Building a Home for the Future (pdf 25kb, word 54kb)

Budget Highlights (pdf 2.58mb)

Revenue and Expenditure Estimates



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