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Budget 2009
Keeping Jobs, Building for the Future

::   Budget 2009 Debate Round-Up Speech
Minister for Finance, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam delivered the Budget 2009 Debate Round-Up Speech in Parliament on 5 February 2009. He addressed concerns raised by Members of Parliament, in particular:

Whether the Budget is of the right size to address the crisis;


Whether it is directed at the right objectives and will therefore be effective in helping Singapore through the crisis; and


Whether the Government is making the right move in tapping on past reserves to fund part of the Resilience Package.

In his speech, Mr. Tharman also covered the following issues that had been brought up during the debate - (i) getting credit to flow to businesses; (ii) schemes to help the unemployed; and (iii) whether the GST should have been cut.

Read the entire Round-Up Speech here.

::   Budget 2009 Speech
Reslilence PackageMinister for Finance, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam unveiled a Resilience Package totaling $20.5 billion on 22 January 2009, to help Singapore see through a period of exceptional difficulty. The Package aims to save jobs to the maximum extent possible in the recession, and to help viable companies stay afloat. It also prepares Singapore to emerge with strength when the global economy recovers, and enhances our capabilities and competitiveness for the long term. (Read more...)

You can read the Budget Speech, view the videos or refer to the Key Budget Initiatives.
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Learn more about the Benefits for Households here and calculate the benefits your household can receive in 2009 via the Household Benefits Calculator.
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Learn more about the Business Cost Measures here and calculate the benefits your business can receive from the FY2009 Budget Initiatives via the Business Benefits Calculator.
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We welcome your feedback on Budget 2009.
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Essay & Video Competitions

The results of the Budget 2009 Essay and Video Competitions are out. MOF thanks all participants for their insightful essays and videos and extends our heartiest congratulations to the prize winners. Click here to find out more.
Inter-School Debate Challenge

The results of the first ever Inter-School Budget Debate Challenge are out. Click here to find out more.