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Singapore Budget 2008
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Budget 2008
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Budget Speech 2008
      Budget 2008 Key Thrusts


3.1 This Budget is about how we are looking ahead to create new advantages and fresh opportunities for Singapore in a competitive world. The way we will do it is to be a top quality economy. This means top quality people, and top quality enterprises. The Budget is also about keeping all our people together as we grow and ensuring that no one is left behind.

Budget 2008 Key Thrusts

3.2 The Budget this year is centred on four key thrusts:

  1. We will provide a full range of education and training opportunities for people to find and stretch their potential, in school and in their post-secondary education, as well as throughout their working years. We will enhance assistance for needy students to ensure that a top-rate tertiary education is affordable to all.
  2. We will spur the growth of innovative enterprises. We will significantly enhance the incentives for enterprises big and small to create new ideas and products.
  3. We will also adjust our tax policies so that we stay competitive, support the growth of our SMEs, encourage risk-taking as well as strengthen our role as a financial and business hub.
  4. We will continue to build a resilient community. We will strengthen financial security for retirement, and help the less well-off members in our society. We will also share surpluses with Singaporeans, with particular focus on the lower- and middle-income groups who are more affected by rising prices.

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