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Budget 2008
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Expenditure Overview
Social Development
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS)

MCYS’s mission is to build a cohesive and resilient society.

MCYS aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • socially responsible individuals;
  • strong and stable families;
  • a caring and active community;
  • inspired and committed youth; and
  • a sporting people.

A total budget of $1.33 billion has been allocated to MCYS in FY2008 to achieve its mission. In addition, the ComCare Endowment Fund will provide another $24.2 million of interest income to fund various ComCare social assistance programmes for needy families.

Socially Responsible Individuals

MCYS aims to help Singaporeans take responsibility for looking after their personal and family welfare, rather than to depend on society. Programmes for the low-income, disabled and elderly, will ensure that they remain integrated within our society and work towards self-reliance. MCYS also works with relevant public agencies to prepare Singapore for an ageing population, so that Singaporeans are prepared for their golden years and are able to age actively.

For the Needy

For the Needy

$91.4 million will be set aside to help needy Singaporeans achieve self-reliance, maximise the potential of children from low-income families, ensure community integration through access to informal and formal networks, and strengthen vulnerable families. The programmes also empower the community to do more to help the needy.

For Juvenile Delinquents and Vulnerable Families

$86.1 million will be set aside to re-integrate youth offenders back into society, protect and empower children and families who have been abused, and assist the destitute. Services include counseling, intervention and rehabilitation, case management, management of MCYS Juvenile Homes, and funding of residential facilities, including a hostel for youth offenders, children's homes, crisis shelters, and welfare homes for the destitute.

For the Elderly and the Disabled

$44.5 million will be set aside to provide community-based and residential care programmes for the elderly and assist persons with disabilities.

$8.6 million will be set aside for the GO! (Golden Opportunities!) Fund to seed-fund active ageing projects in the community, as well as to support the Council for Third Age in championing a more positive attitude towards ageing. Initiatives will also be introduced to encourage the development of a "silver industry" to provide products and services for the elderly.

GO! (Golden Opportunities!)

Another $2.5 million will be set aside to pilot the two-year Wellness Program to promote active ageing and health prevention in the community. The pilot will be rolled out over six sites in 2008.

Programmes funded by MCYS to assist children with disabilities include integrated childcare programmes for children aged 2-6 years, early intervention programmes for young children aged 0-6 years and Community Integration Support Programmes for school-going children in mainstream schools. For adults with disabilities, funded services include Day Activity Centres, Sheltered Workshops and job placement assistance, vocational assessment services and residential programmes.

Another $11.1 million will be set aside for the development of disabled-friendly facilities.

Strong & Stable Families

Strong & Stable Families

MCYS aims to promote strong and stable families and make Singapore the best home where parents can raise their children and enjoy the warmth of family life.

$321.7 million will be set aside for the Baby Bonus Scheme and Government Paid Maternity Leave Scheme to encourage and support married couples to have more children.

$85 million will be allocated for infant care and childcare subsidies to enhance parents’ access to quality childcare and infant care in a centre-based environment.

A Caring and Active Community

A Caring and Active Community
Source: People’s Association

MCYS works towards bringing the different segments of society closer together to forge a common identity. To achieve this, MCYS encourages citizens to be actively involved in helping others through volunteerism and philanthropy. MCYS also works actively with religious and community groups to foster mutual understanding and maintain racial and religious harmony in the community. In addition, MCYS facilitates the growth of the non-profit sector.

Reinforcing Communal Harmony

$332.7 million, inclusive of development funding of $48.8 million, will be allocated to the People's Association (PA). PA will work closely with its network of grassroots organisations and volunteers to roll out programmes and new initiatives to promote racial harmony and social cohesion and build trust between the people and Government. The focus will be on strengthening social networks, promoting neighbourliness, connecting residents, engaging youth, promoting inter-ethnic participation, active citizenry and enhancing professionalism and service excellence. PA’s facilities will also be upgraded to barrier-free standards to provide greater accessibility to senior citizens and residents with physical disabilities.

$4.5 million will be allocated to the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) to enhance racial and religious harmony through partnerships with other ethnic and religious organisations.

Nurturing Active Citizens and Building a Strong Community Network

$57.8 million will be set aside to promote volunteerism, support philanthropy and build a strong network of community and social services. This amount includes $40.8 million to the community self-help groups, $11.7 million to the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and $5 million to the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC).

Inspired & Committed Youth

Inspired & Committed Youth

MCYS plays a part in creating an environment in which the youth have a say, plant stakes and win support. Through MCYS’ youth development programmes, the youth have a say in national and community issues. MCYS also supports youth–led projects to improve social conditions, and programmes that create opportunities for youth to develop their diverse talents, strengthen their resilience and pursue their dreams.

$39 million will be set aside for youth development initiatives in the following areas:

Space for youth to pursue youth-oriented and led activities and initiatives. Initiatives include *scape, a new youth community space at the heart of Orchard Road and a new Extreme Skatepark of international standards at East Coast Park.

Enhance and extend ‘School Social Work to Empower Pupils to Utilise Potential’ (STEP-UP) programme and social work services provided in schools by Voluntary Welfare Organisations. STEP-UP helps at-risk students strengthen their resilience. It also helps parents and teachers learn how to better support at-risk students.

Roll out new Youth Link, a new ‘Out-of-School Youth’ (OSY) programme delivered through Voluntary Welfare Organisations to address the needs of OSYs and truants, and help them achieve positive outcomes, e.g. re-admission to school, employment, vocational training or early enlistment to National Service.

A Sporting People

A Sporting People

Singaporeans can transcend boundaries when participating in sporting activities and celebrating the sporting achievements of our sportsmen. MCYS seeks to inculcate resilience, the will to succeed, a sense of national pride, and bond Singaporeans as a community through sports.

A total of $227.1 million, inclusive of $85.1 million from the Sporting Singapore Fund (SSF) and development funding of $53.2 million, will be allocated to sports initiatives. This comprises:

$95.8 million to promote regular sports participation among Singaporeans. This includes operating the national network of public sports complexes, collaborating with schools to promote sports, supporting partnership programmes, public education and other initiatives. In addition, new sports complexes will be developed to cater to the needs of the public.

$70.4 million to develop the sports industry in Singapore such as through organising international sports events e.g. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

$43.5 million to support sports excellence through developing structured training and support schemes for our national athletes and coaches, enhancing the operational capabilities of National Sports Associations, and providing up-to-date sports science and medicine and other services to our national athletes.

$17.4 million to the Sports School to continue its work to provide an environment where our promising youth athletes can balance intensive sports training with a flexible academic curriculum so as to develop into sports champions of the future.

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