Budget Speech

Moving Forward Together

Table of Contents

A. Introduction – Moving Forward Together

A Time of Change

Building Capabilities and Partnerships

B. An Innovative and Connected Economy

Economy and Labour Market – Performance and Outlook

Managing the Transition

The Future Economy – Building Agility through Capabilities and Partnerships

Strengthening Capabilities in Our Enterprises

Deepening Our People’s Capabilities

Partnerships for Shared Success

C. A Quality Living Environment

Developing a Vibrant and Connected City

Sustaining a Quality Environment for the Future

D. A Caring and Inclusive Society

Supporting Families

Building an Inclusive Society

Strengthening Community Bonds

E. A Sustainable Fiscal System

Starting from a Strong Base

Preparing for the Future

F. Budget Position

FY2016 Budget Position

FY2017 Budget Position

G. Conclusion


Annex A-1: Foreign Worker Levy (FWL) Changes (pdf103kb)

Annex A-2: Strengthening Support For Workers In Transition (pdf80kb)

Annex A-3: Extension Of Additional Special Employment Credit (pdf110kb)

Annex A-4: Strengthening Support For Firms To Innovate, Scale Up And Internationalise (pdf82kb)

Annex A-5: Tax Changes (pdf352kb)

Annex B: Water Price Changes (pdf117kb)

Annex C: Transfers To Households (pdf204kb)

Annex D: Fiscal Position In FY2017 (pdf123kb)

Last updated on 20 Feb 2017
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