Budget 2016 Videos

REACH-MOF Pre Budget 2016 Conversation Highlights(02m05s)

Budget 2016: Summary of Budget Measures English (25m 17s) Mandarin (30m 11s) Malay (33m 21s) Tamil (35m 09s)

Budget 2016 will transform our economy through enterprise and innovation, with stronger partnerships among stakeholders to equip our people to build a better future. It also provides new ways for us to foster a caring and resilient society by catalysing ground-up initiatives and reaching out to help the vulnerable among us.

Budget 2016: Helping our Families English (02m 12s) Mandarin (02m 01s) Malay (02m 17s) Tamil (02m 13s)

Budget 2016 will help Singaporean families with young children or the elderly to meet their healthcare needs, home ownership and living costs.

Budget 2016: Building our Communities English (01m 36s) Mandarin (01m 29s) Malay (01m 38s) Tamil (01m 34s)

Budget 2016 aims to foster a caring and resilient community as well as promote philanthropy and volunteerism.

Budget 2016: Supporting our Economy English (01m 49s) Mandarin (01m 50s) Malay (02m 07s) Tamil (02m 07s)

Budget 2016 supports both enterprises and workers to adapt to the changing global economy with a spirit of enterprise and innovation.

Budget 2016: Strengthening our Social Safety Nets English (01m 45s) Mandarin (01m 45s) Malay (01m 51s) Tamil (01m 56s)

Social spending has increased in the past decade to support Singaporeans and their families through various initiatives so that we leave no Singaporean behind.

Budget 2016: Round Up Speech(01h40m50s)

We have sought in Budget 2016 to strengthen our resilience, and bring out the natural instinct for care and partnership in all of us. So, keep our eyes on the road. Keep our eyes on the horizon. And keep our eyes out for one another….. Through all the good and bad unknowns of the years to come, I hope our spirit of enterprise and caring will run strong.


Budget RUS 2016: Addressing Short-Term Concerns:(04m14s)

The Government has introduced measures in this year’s Budget to address cyclical challenges faced by businesses in the near-term. Fundamentally, however, Singapore cannot be a low-cost location and we cannot permanently subsidise costs. Firms should compete on productivity and innovation - to reinforce the spirit of enterprise and build vitality.


Budget RUS 2016: The Next Phase of Our Restructuring Journey:(01m53s)

The implementation of the Industry Transformation Programme will be key to our restructuring journey. It will not be easy but we will have the best chance of success if we work in partnership.


Budget RUS 2016: Developing the Right Skills:(02m30s)

While firms create the right jobs, our people must also develop the right skills to take on these jobs. Through SkillsFuture, the Government will continue to provide support and resources for Singaporeans to develop new skills and deepen their skills-set. This will equip Singaporeans with the right skills to take up the right jobs.                                  


Budget RUS 2016: Providing Assurance in Retirement:(05m29s)

Over the years, the Government has strengthened support for seniors through various schemes such as CPF Life and MediShield Life, Workfare Income Scheme and Pioneer Generation Package. Silver Support Scheme provides additional source of help for needy seniors.


Budget RUS 2016: Conclusion:(03m04s)

This Budget is our first step in our journey towards SG100, as one united, cohesive people. Let us work together in partnership, and put our heart and soul to write the next and many more chapters.


Budget 2016: Partnering for the Future:(01h55m22s) Click here to watch the video with sign language

This year’s Budget continues on Singapore’s journey of nation building and at its core is the Spirit of Partnership that will drive us to transform the economy through innovation and enterprise, and to nurture a caring and resilient society. The people, businesses, the community and Government must come together to write the next chapter of Singapore’s future.


Budget 2016: Jurong Innovation District:(03m16s)

The Jurong Innovation District will create an environment to house learning, research, innovation and production within a single, next-generation industrial district. This has the potential to transform how we live, work, play, learn and create.


Budget 2016: A Spirit of Partnership for our New Chapter:(02m59s)

As we chart a new chapter and journey towards SG100, we must grow a Spirit of Partnership to transform our economy through enterprise and innovation, and nurture a caring and resilient society.


Budget 2016: Helping Businesses cope with Economic Challenges:(03m34s)

#SGBudget2016 aims to provide relief and help tide businesses over the current challenging economic climate through enhancements to existing measures.


Budget 2016: Providing Opportunities for Economic Transformation:(01m49s)

Even amid uncertain economic conditions, we must forge ahead with economic transformation. Through the new Industry Transformation Programme, we aim to help enterprises and industries capture opportunities, innovate and create value.


Budget 2016: Building a Caring and Resilient Society:(01m26s)

To nurture a caring and resilient society, #SGBudget2016 continues to build on earlier efforts to strengthen the social sector through providing greater support for our young, seniors, low-wage workers and persons with disabilities, assisting households and catalysing ground-up, citizen-driven initiatives.


Budget 2016: Conclusion: Partnering for the Future:(03m22s)

#SGBudget2016 is the first step in chronicling the next chapter in our Singapore Story. This is a story that belongs to all Singaporeans. Let us work together in partnership, and put our heart and soul to write the next and many more chapters.


REACH-MOF Pre Budget 2016 Conversation Highlights(02m06s)

The Ministry of Finance and REACH have held a Pre-Budget Conversation on 17 Feb evening, where some 80 participants from all walks of life discuss their views and suggestions for the coming Budget. We thank all participants for sharing their feedback.

Budget 2016: How we can build a better Singapore together?(02m)

The Ministry of Finance has launched a call-for-feedback exercise in preparation for Budget 2016, which will be presented in Parliament on Thu, 24 Mar 2016 by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat.

The Budget Process in Parliament 2016(56s)

How does Singapore implement measures such as the GST vouchers, income tax reliefs and healthcare subsidies? Watch this video about the Budget process to find out, and share it with your family and friends too!

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