Backdrop To Budget 2014

In the last few Budgets, we have focused on building a nation of opportunity and an inclusive society where every citizen shares in Singapore’s success. This is underpinned by four key themes:

Quality Growth
Quality Growth
  • Based on innovation and deeper capabilities
  • Good jobs and rising incomes for Singaporeans
  • Thriving small and medium enterprises
A Fair and Equitable Society
A Fair and Equitable Society
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Assurance for retirement needs
  • Help for the vulnerable
  • Opportunities for every child to do well


A Liveable and Endearing Home
A Liveable and Endearing Home
  • Quality and affordable public housing
  • Connected and reliable public transport
  • Attractive social spaces for all
A Cohesive Community
A Cohesive Community
  • Strong families and communities
  • Vibrant arts and sports scene
  • Active citizenry



We have embarked on several multi-year initiatives that are making good progress. Budget 2014 builds on these efforts to provide greater emphasis on transforming our economy and strengthening social support, especially for our seniors.

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Last updated 14 Mar 2014

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